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Love You Bangaram

Cast : Rahul, Shravya, Rajiv, shakalaka Shankar, Sanjana, Ravi Prakash and Others.

Directed by : Govindh Reddy [Govi]

Language : Telugu

Genre : Romance

Release date : 24th January 2014

Rating : 1.5 /5

Music : Mahith Narayan &JB

Bottom Line : A damp squib.

Plot : Aakash (Rahul) is an insecured guy who over reacts for trivial issues. He works as an assistant manager at celkon mobiles,vishakapatnam. He comes across meenakshi (Shravya) who is very jovial and confident person. They both fall for each other at first sight and decide to take consent of their parents for marriage, but they oppose their marriage owing to political feud between them. They get married to each other with their help of their friends. Rahul is promoted as manager of their company’s Hyderabad region. They shifted to hyderabad after their marriage. Shravya feels bore being alone at home, decides to work in a software firm where the employees are sex perverts. She acts weird after join in a software firm. Rahul starts to suspect the behaviour of his wife. why she acts weird? what is her motive ? forms the crux of the story.

I wonder what makes director maruthi to produce this film.GovindhReddy’s story is not the fresh subject to telugu audience.He is completely failed to execute the story in a proper way. there is a lot of oomph factor that may work well with masses. The gist of the story is not bad, execution should have been much much better. Cinematography is good. Editing is mediocre. Music is not catchy. JB’s background is nice. Productions values are good.

Rahul is not perfect actor for this role. His dialogue delivery, dancing skills and expressionsa are too poor. Debutante Shrayva did a decent job. Sanjana did an item number, Rajiv played a cameo role, he did a fine job. Jabardasth shankar is restricted to few frames in first half.There are some lame double entendre dialogues. The rest of the cast has given ordinary performance.

Better to skip this one.

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