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Cast : Sumanth ashwin, Nandita, Shamili, Tejaswi, Saptagiri and Others.

Directed by : Harinath.

Language : Telugu.

Genre : Romance comedy

Release date : 15th August 2014.

Rating : 2.5/5.

Music : JB

BottomLine : Comedy saves the film.

Plot : Siddhu ( Sumanth ashwin) is a philanderer. He falls in love with geetha (Tejaswi) and Sowmya (Shamili) in his intermediate days.His girlfriends dump him due to their friend, Chitra Balasubramanyam’s (Nandita) Sigmund freud theory. Siddhu spats with chitra over phone for foiling his love affairs constantly. In his graduation days, he is smitten by chitra who foils his previous love affairs. How siddhu will try to win chitra’s love? Will chitra fall in love with siddhu? Are main parts of the story.

Maruthi has written the Story, Screenplay and dialogues for Harinath’s directorial debut. The man at the helm has lost grip in elevating the apt emotions in first half, But in latter half comedy is the saving grace. Maruthi should have come up with a better story.Narrative style also could have been much better than present one.Editing is not bad. Cinematographer has done a good. Music scored by JB is catchy. Production values are okay.

Suman ashwin has given the decent performance but he has to improvise his acting prowess. Nandita has done a good job in her role. Tejaswi and Shamili are fine in their limited roles. Saptagiri steals the show in second half.The supporting cast has supported very well.

Although, Entertainment quotient is good despite a routine story. Saptagiri and background score are major plus points for the film. Go and watch on this weekend

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