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Mad Max Early Reviews – An Action Masterpiece

Mad Max released in some markets and getting Rave reviews .It will be releasing this Friday in India ,Find reviews below

Here’s what the critics are saying

Everyone loves it. 

Vanity Fair:

In a movie season exhaustingly cluttered with never-ending superhero sagas and reboots, “Fury Road” arrives, despite its pedigree, as a daring, fascinating, thrilling jolt of original energy.


George Miller has crafted his finest film here, displaying an insanely uncompromising brilliance in pure action-adventure filmmaking. It is quite simply the best film of the year so far.

The word “masterpiece” is getting thrown around a lot.

The Daily Beast

The post-apocalypse hath no fury like a one-armed woman… George Miller pulls off a rarity in Hollywood blockbusters these days: A muscular action masterpiece built on practical effects, weighty and awe-inspiring.


There are many ways to sum up a movie like “Mad Max: Fury Road,” but let’s just say that it is a masterpiece and a must-see — two hours of stunningly gorgeous post-apocalyptic mayhem. This isn’t just one of the best action movies of the year — it may eventually go down as one of the best action movies ever made.


It’s pleasing, then, that “Mad Max: Fury Road” is Miller’s masterpiece.

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