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Mahesh Babu’s Secret Revealed !!

Prince Mahesh Babu is the most sought after and desired actor by the women. His charming looks and smile have bowled many women over. Men envy Mahesh for being blessed with such attractive looks and have wished to get a bit of his glamour. The only thing that kept Mahesh from being a complete package is a well toned body.

Mahesh is working hard to get a six pack for himself but is reportedly heard that he has hired an international fitness trainer to ensure that he works out a six pack without losing his facial charm. Kris Gethin, who trained Hrithik Roshan, is said to have given a diet plan to Mahesh for his workout.

While Mahesh is getting ready to woo the audience with his six pack in his upcoming film ‘1-Nenokkadine’, Kris Gethin revealed to a media house Mahesh’s diet in his efforts of getting a perfect body without losing his facial charm. Kris said that Mahesh is advised to eat a lot of veggies, oat meal, spinach, fish, chicken and seven meals a day as a part of his diet plan. For all those out there who want to be like Mahesh, now you know what the superstar is doing.

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