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Mahesh Babu – Sukumar with surprise package !!

Generally one can think of experimenting with the kind of roles they do at the initial stages of their career when they have not yet attained stardom or some will do different roles to establish or resurrect their career in the industry. But once you have become a star many heroes would fear to experiment. But Prince Mahesh Babu seems to be taking a different route.

A song in one of Mahesh’s films ‘Takkari Donga’ goes on to say ‘Narulevaru Nadavanidi aah routelo ne nadachedaro’. Well that’s what Mahesh is reportedly doing in his upcoming film ‘1-Nenokkadine’. At this point in his career it is reportedly heard that Mahesh will be seen in a negative character in the film.

According to sources it is reportedly heard that Mahesh’s character will have two sides one of which will have a lot of negative tone to it. Since Sukumar is the director of the film ‘1-Nenokkadine’, many say that it is expected of him as he specializes in showing his heroes in a negative shade.

Sukumar has also said that Mahesh will be shown as never before in the film. There are a lot of new things Mahesh will exhibit in the film, from his six packs to his rockstar style to the negative shade.

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