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Mahesh Movie Review

CB Rating: 2 / 5

Cast: Sandeep kishan, dimple chopade, Jagan
Director: Madan Kumar
Producer: Suresh Kondeti
Music Director: Gopi
Release Date: 20 September 2013

Tamil dubbing of yaaruda mahesh is released today. Sundeep kishan and Dimple chopade paired for this movie and it is directed by Madhan Kumar . Let us move into the review

Shiva (Sundeep Kishan) is a lazy laid back man who may never get thru college. He spends most of his time boozing in bars along with his friend Vasanth (Jagan). quickly he falls for the good and tasty Sandhya (Dimple) and makes her pregnant! After marriage Shiva is contended to be the ‘dad at home’ and refuses to take charge. but a stray dialog of sandhya together with her ex-lover modifications his existence. the rest of the film is all about who is mahesh and how shiva changes after knowing it.

Sundeep kishan and dimple are good but they both had no scope to perform. The entire movie runs through jagan as he carried the entire movie on his shoulders. Rest of the characters are at level best

Direction by Madhan kumar is not bad as he selected predictable story line which he thought the twist will work at climax but it can’t. The “Bootu” content is more. Cinematography by Raana is very good as he canned the songs very well. He done an more impact on screen. Music by Gopi sundar is not bad. Editing by satyanarayana was not bad as he can edit some scenes. production values are adequate.

You may avoid this movie

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