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Cast : Angelina jolie, Sharlto Copely Elle Fanning, Sam riley, Imeld Staunton and others.

Directed by : Robert stormberg.

Language : English.

Genre : Fantasy and adventure

Release date : 30th May 2014.

Rating : 3/5

Music : James Newton Howard

Bottom Line : This is Magnificent.

Plot : Maleficent ( Angelina Jolie ) is a fairy. She protects the forest kingdom called moors with her magical powers. She makes friendship with a human called Stefan ( Sharlto Copley) who aims to be the king of Human kingdom. Their friendship turns into love. After a few days, Stefan is greedy of power and he starts to negelect maleficent. One day king henry dares to attack the moors but Maleficent thwart him with the help of other fairies. Henry wants to hunt down maleficent but he fails to do it. One day he announces that one who hunts down maleficent will be the successor of him. Stefan goes to moors and alert maleficient about Henry’s plan.while she is asleep he steals her wings.Maleficent wants to take revenge on stefan. In the meantime, stefan becomes king. Sefan’s wife give. birth to a baby girl named Aurora.Vindictive Maleficent curses the infant baby.What’s the curse? How the baby get rid of curse? What happened to both kingdoms? Are main parts of the story.

Production designer Robert stormberg has made his directorial debut with this movie. He narrated the story in an amazing way. The storyline is interlaced with 1959 animated fairy tale sleeping beauty. VFX and CGI has provided stunning visuals to the audience. Battle scenes could have been much better. James newtown has composed apt background score which brings soul to the visuals. Editing is fine. Production values are rich.

Angelina jolie has done a great job. Her modulation is superb. No one can do justice to that role except Angelina jolie. Her timming is a treat to watch. Sharlto Copley is not bad as stefan. He exhibited his acting prowess after assumed the throne. Sleeping beauty is played by elle fanning, she did a good job. Rest of the cast has supported very well.

Go for this movie with no hesitation.

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