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Malli malli idi rani roju movie review

Cast : Sharwanand, Nithya menon, Nasser, Purnanvi, Tejaswi and others.

Directed by : Kranthi madhav.

Language : Telugu.

Genre : Romance.

Release date : 6th February 2015.

Rating : 2.75/5.

Bottom line : Emotional drama.

Sharwanand has teamed up with onamalu director Kranthi madhav for Malli malli idi rani roju.The young actor last film ‘Run raja run’ was a big hit, Let’s see whether Sharwanand will continue the succes streak with this romantic entertainer or not?

Raja ram ( Sharwanand) is a lower middle class guy, who wants to become a runner olympic champion. He lives with his mother (Seetha), a classical music teacher. One day Rajaram comes across a rich muslim girl, Nazira khan ( Nithya Menon) and they both falls in love with each other. Meanwhile, Raja’s mother passes away and  Nazira leaves for foreign country?  Why Nazira leaves for foreign? What Rajaram will do? Will they reunite again?  Forms the curx of the story.

Kranthi madhav has penned the emotional romantic drama laced up with good dialogues. It has been long time since we heard those life depth dialogues. The first half goes breezy and the second half is filled up with suspense. Even though the comedy quotient is quite less, the film has a good  entertainment. Every frame is heart-touching. Editing should have been much crisper in second half. The visuals are beautiful, Cinematographer has done a great job. Gopi sunder composed background music brings soul to the visuals. Production values are too good.

Sharwanand  has emoted very well. Infact, He nailed the role with finest performance. In recent times, actresses haven’t got good opportunity to prove their mettle, Nithya menon is very lucky that she has a good role to emote. Her performance deserves applause. Nassar, Tejaswi and Punarnavi  have done a fair job in guest appearance.  The supporting cast is okay in their respective roles.

On the whole, the story quite reminds you of Roja. Performances by the lead cast are good. Second half should have been better. Lots of emotional drama and less comedy quotient costs the film upto some extent. Business wise, It is quite tough to do business with this type content at the box office. Watch this movie if you have no problem with more emotional drama.



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