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Mana Prema katha – 2/5

Mana Prema katha short film starts with a software guy who took a long break and comes to a village.

Story –  There sees a girl and directly propose to her.She first rejects and gradually falls in love. Story reminds like Ye maya chesave.

Before the camera

Only two characters are there in the film.Actor (played  by Rajesh ) did his part quite good where as girl did very bad acting .

Behind the Camera

Music – Good thing about this short film is they did one song and music is good for a short film.

Camera work – Visuals are ok

Director tried too hard to show the emotions but failed to bring them on screen but for a short film he did OK.

Analysis – Although film got good music and adequate visuals ,its neither hilarious  nor got any message.

Final verdict – Below average

Pluses                                                          Minuses

s1D - Mana Prema Katha - 2/5


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