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Marvel Comics Special – Ranking all marvel Super hero movies

Marvel Universe is not need introduction for movie fans and they are continuously giving entertainment to filmgoers from 2008 with its revised structure

Marvel cinematic universe is stood high on movie franchises because of one name Robert downey Jr who acted Ironman character


best origin movie ever . Movie is very sharp ,CGI is great and we got fantastic Robert downey JR in iron man role.Not only it is complete turning point for RDJ but it is the first success to Marvel and if iron man is not there marvel universe is not there


This is the first time where Superheroes from different franchises come together and Joss whendon is great with his direction.Humor is great,all cast are comfortable with each other on screen and Loki is the best only one Marvel villain of marvel

3 Winter Soldier movie

Winter solider is one of best Marvel films out there and action scenes are brilliant it has one of best action scenes like Die hard meets Jason bourne .With a racy screenplay excellently executed action scenes must watch movie for a a marvel fan

4.Civil war

is like Avengers2.5 and definitely one of the best final film for any seriesalthough the story feels left unfinished because we have to wait till infinity wars.

5.Iron man 3

After a disappointment of 2nd movie 3rd movie got great curiosity after Avengers success. Fairly decent movie frankly speaking movie delivered what it promises ,it | tried with dark iron man characterization and it is fairly worked on screen. As usual villains sucked and Mandarin charterer is complete disappointment .The kid is occasionally annoying. Petter pots climax fight is too over top. The best thing about the movie is we got to see Tony stark more time than Iron man .We got more Tony strak means we got Robert downey JR screen time and every marvel fan will enjoy this movie

6.Gaurdians of the Galaxy

A great addition to the marvel universe.The rocket character is brilliantly written with great dialogues.Movie mocks the superhero genre with its unique style .The female character is poorly written and sometimes movie just depends on cast charisma. As usual forgettable marvel villain with an over top climax but the fight sequence is entertaining


Thor is surprisingly good and little bit different to super hero genre and it navigates good between earth scenes and Asgard. Chris hemsworth is good and the strongest point of the series is Tom hiddleton Loki performance

8.Avengers Age of Ultron movie

All action scenes are good and last climax scene is over 30 mins and it is having very good action moments between all characters.Ultron is a waster character and there are many subplots boring and unnecessary

9.Ant Man

Plot is good and different .Ant Man super power is good as sometimes he can be bigger and some times he can be smaller.cast is exceptional especially Michael douglas. Ant Man Paul Rudd is funny and a lot of one liners are there like all other Marvel movies.

One of the Negative is Length .Yes length is short means this can be good or bad how you handle it.Movie is about 110 minutes which is quite good that means they have to pull the audience into the drama fast but Ant man takes lots of screen time in developing all other plots and only at last 45 minutes you will feel movie is interesting.They should have taken care first 35 mins in an interesting manner.Villain is not that much strong.There is not that much chemistry or plot going between hero and heroine

Ant man is fun and visually spectacular with a different concept and well executed action scenes.If you can bear first half of the movie ,movie will blasts you with crazy action of 30 mins at end

10.Thor Dark world

Movie starts on good note and loses track .Some fight scenes are laughable and climax is neat

11.First captain america

film is just ok ,it got a good introduction to the character but it is slow screenplay

11.Iron man 2

A disappointment movie.After high expectations of the trailer I though movie will be more awesome than first one.Movie got bad dialogue first half of the movie is slow.Climax is entertaining but there is no point in that.A low movie in total marvel universe. Great actors are wasted in poorly written villain characters

12.Incredible hulk

Not a big fan of hulk and Marvel universe completely failed Hulk character till Avengers , Better than old hulk as some of action scenes are quite nice

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