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Marvel super hero movies success analysis

  • I think the model they adopted is brilliant by dividing movies in phases with clear cut idea for 10 years
  • They learnt from their mistakes
  • Choosing good directors especially giving new directors a chance but keeping them in check by a head person who wlll have a complete control like Kevin feige
  • The characters are built from each movie although some times it led to mess like Avengers age of ultron – the scene of thor seeing future in a magic well and leaving to asgard is completely scene related to Thor 3 but they succeeded in many marvel movies using foreshadowing/introducing scnes for next movies
  • Post credit scene concept- Popular due to marvel movies where clearly they are setting tone for future movies. it not only give a clue to next film directors but audience mind set also will be molded to what expect

Marvel Universe is not need introduction for movie fans and they are continuously giving entertainment to film goers from 2008 with its revised structure

i will give 3 movies which are set success for other movies in their periods.If any of these movies not successful their track may have been decreased


best origin movie ever . Movie is very sharp ,CGI is great and we got fantastic Robert downey JR in iron man role.Not only it is complete turning point for RDJ but it is the first success to Marvel and if iron man is not there marvel universe is not there


This is the first time where Superheroes from different franchises come together and Joss whedon is great with his direction.Humor is great,all cast are comfortable with each other on screen and Loki is the best only one Marvel villain of marvel

3 Gaurdians of the Galaxy

A great addition to the marvel universe.The rocket character is brilliantly written with great dialogues.Movie mocks the superhero genre with its unique style .The female character is poorly written and sometimes movie just depends on cast charisma. As usual forgettable marvel villain with an over top climax but the fight sequence is entertaining

Till 2021 marvel universe is in safe place especially the Infinity war where more than 100 characters will be on screen

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