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Meditation Yoga origins – Adi yogi Shiva

Meditation Yoga origins

First why do you want to meet the the supreme lord ?To ask him to remove all your problems ?If that is the case he may not appear to you .Definitely he will help humans to deal their sufferings but completely removing karma will not happen

If you are want to see for spiritual awakening then he may appear to you and appearing means don’t take as physical form.He may give some signals or someone will come and help you or he may appear in your dreams

Lord Shiva is Adi yogi who gave meditation.yoga and spiritual knowledge to the world. So he blesses people who do meditation sincerely

Sadguru explanation on mediation and adiyogi

Adiyogi – The First Yogi

Many spiritual gurus explained this. Do We really watching a building or a person or this whole world ? No.we actually seeing the reflection of physical things by light giving an image to our retina .So we are seeing the whole physical world in ourselves.

Now to see beyond physical world one need to see through his pineal gland and it will be opened after lots of spiritual process

Yoga & the Pineal Gland: Stability and Ecstasy – The Isha Blog

The places of Shiva origins explained beautifully


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