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Mission Impossible Rouge Nation Cinemababu Review -Step aside Bond,Bourne because Ethan Hunt is here

Mission Impossible Rouge Nation  WOW . Just brilliant Masterpiece

Mission Impossible Rouge Nation Cinemababu Review -Step Aside Bond,Bourne Because Ethan Hunt Is Here
Cast            Tom Cruise,Simon Pegg,Rebecca Ferguson,Jermy Runner,Alec
Rating – 4/5

Whats it about ?

CIA chief Hunley (Baldwin) convinces a Senate committee to shut down the IMF (Impossible Mission Force), which is led by Ethan Hunt(Tom cruise ) as their ideas and functioning is outdated. Meanwhile Ethan hunt Confronted by a deadly villain who is running a Team named Rouge Nation Syndicate. Ethan Hunt and Team should find the villain and how they gonna do it you should watch in Theaters

Whats Good?

Tom Cruise.Tom Cruise.Tom cruise. He is completely under control and extremely stylish. He hanged on a plane,Jumped into high pressurized warter canals,ride a bike .Actions cenes are exceedingly brilliant especially Tom cruise’s bike scens(In mission Impossible 2 he rode bike and in mow MI5).Female lead played by Rebecaa and she did her part brilliantly.Normally in spy movies female characters will be written poorly but in this film she is the main force and she is good in fight scenes.Simon pegg did needed humor and he is quite good in emotional scenes.iJermy Runner is good as previous movie.Movie plot is also good and villain master plan is perfect with its twists and turns

MI5 is directed by Chirstopher Mcquarrie who also directed Cruise’s Jack Reacher.Studio first hesitated in director selection  as he is not directed  big budgeted movies but Tom Cruise convinced producers and director did 100 percent justice to the faith put on him.Movie is having many locations and cinematographer captured them beautifully and editing is perfect with every scene

Whats bad?

Back ground  music is ordinary expected more from Mi series.Rouge nation/Syndicate means all out casted trained assassins are formed as a gang but only villain is efficient and other gang  members are not having that much strong characters/plans executions written for them ,they just stand behind villain .All action scenes are brilliant and chases are thrilling but climax fight is too weak and it comes suddenly when every one is waiting for a big action chase

Overall MI5 is a pure Tom Cruise action spy movie.with well written plot ,well executed action scenes and Tom cruise crazy action stunts makes you completely  glued to edge of your seats throughout the movie. Definitely must watch movie for action spy lovers

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