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Movie special -10/10movies you should watch

choosing movies 10/10 is difficult because there are hundreds of them but i will listing random movies here and will update list as based on feedback

The Captain America civil war

Movie Special -10/10movies You Should Watch

Including spider man is a big achievement ,Finally marvel did it again but this time it is so great that you will feel completely fulfilled with this movie.You got great spiderman,funny Ant man,responsible iron man,great friend Captain America,highly skilled blackwidow,scarlet witch,falcon,winter soldier,vision,war machine and Hawk eye.Seeing these characters on screen coming to life by fantastically directed by russo brothers Captain America civil war is a triumph in comic super hero movies.Go and watch this movie,if you are not watching on theaters you are missing greatest event of movie history

Knight of Cups

One of my favorite movie.Although his movies won’t have straight narratives they are beautiful to see.This movie is about life purpose .A screenwriter dissatisfied with his career wants to find his life purpose

Movie Special -10/10movies You Should Watch

The Imitation game

Its about a real life events took place in worldwar 2 of a guy name Alan Turing(Do you ever heard the concept of Turing machines-He gave the basic foundation to invent Computers,after that Charles babbage created perfect first computer).Turing machine is a machine which can decode enigma settings everyday automatically

so Alan turing played a major role of winning world war 2 for british alliances against hitler .But Alan Turing did not get the recognition for his work and he thrown into the prison for being gay

Movie Special -10/10movies You Should Watch

Overall movie is a great tribute to Alan Turing who gave foundation for computers .Movie makers did great thing by showing this genius story to the world .In 2012 throughout the world especially in Britain total computer community (software professionals,researchers,computer bloggers) celebrated Alan Turing’s 100 the birthday celebration.At last a genius like him got noticed after 100 years and common man like us still wondering why I am not getting recognition for my efforts.Because this world is very sad hypocritical world


Movie Special -10/10movies You Should Watch

The film opens with a Niki lauda voice over by ‘Twenty-five drivers start every season in Formula One, and each year two of us die. What kind of person does a job like this? Not normal man for sure. Who else? Rebels, lunatics, dreamers, people who are desperate to make a mark and are prepared to die trying.’ Film is about the sport of formul racing and how risky it is being a F1 racer.Although it appreas very safe sport from outside ,actually it is very risky as racers have to compete with time in seconds to reach goal

Whats inspiring is a event took place in 1976 german grand race .Niki stated the race on that day can be a serious threat to the lives of f1 racers due to extreme weather conditions but James hunt convinced everyone to race by stating if race got canceled there is no chance for them to increase points ,so race took place on that day and sadly Niki lauda wounded very badly (his face totally burned) in a fatal F1 car accident.He is on bed for 45 days but he was not able to sleep on hospital bed while his professional enemy James Hunt winning all games so he came back after 45 days with his fatal wounds and won that race in a grand way

Into the wild

Movie Special -10/10movies You Should Watch

Into the wild is directed by Sean Penn(He acted as a hero in many blockbusters) starring Emile Hirsch It is the real biography of a guy named Chris McCandless who became a hippie and traveled many places for an adventure or to experience life in Nature. Definitely movie theme is lies in the title itself Into the wild.The journey is not important but characters and persons he encountered and their lives shape him into further

Movie raises questions about what is happiness and how to live the life in a happiest way.Although the methods shown in the movie to live life as the way hero did are not applicable to everyone but man himself need to find a way for himself to live a healthier, happier and adventurous life on his standards

Movie will remain as a cult classic for generations for its message

The Walk

Movie Special -10/10movies You Should Watch

It is a real life story of French high-wire artist Philippe Petit who made a walk on wire between twin towers in 1970s illegally and became legendafter that famous walk.This movie is about how he accomplished this crazy adventurous walk with help of his friends

Director vision combined with underlying philosophy about passion ,life and goals is amazing in the movie.How far one can go to achieve his dreams and is it really worth the struggles to achieve ones dreams this movie will give an answer and not in a preachy way but with its beautiful scenes with thrilling screenplay.In the end the walk is a must watch movie for its thrilling adventurous story and blood pumping walk scenes on hi wire

500 Days of the Summer

Movie Special -10/10movies You Should Watch

This movie starts with joy ,love and emotions but as movie processes we will understand that it is not a sugar candy movie .its got a very sad philosophical touch in the characters , this movie Girl didn’t know what she wants and she experiments with everything like reading new books,new hairstyles and even with love, last of the movie girl leaves the boy and marries another guy.Movie got a philosophical touch like Hero works as a writing quotations for a living in a greeting card company and he never had a courage to follow his dream career as an architect but after he was broken in the love he directly goes to the boss and says these quotations are not true ,this is bullshit and he leaves the company to follow his dream

Dark knight

Movie Special -10/10movies You Should Watch

I don’t know about batman story or Chrsitopher Nolan and I went to the movie in dubbed language telugu.from first frame itself I got glued to screen and in 15 mins I was awestruck and in mind I got only one question who is this genius director?Not only that movie entertained ,gave respect for art and changed comic book genre

Who Am I

Movie Special -10/10movies You Should Watch

Finally Who am I is a must watch movie for its execution of scenes.This is a great case study on how to present a scene to audience,enthusiastic film students should defiantly watch this movie for executing a scene with clear understanding.Normal audience should watch for its brilliance thriller elements and one of the best movie on cyber hacking themes.If you are familiar with computers terminology you shouldn’t miss this movie.A perfect thrilling movie for technical savvy dudes

The Pursuit of Happyness

One of best inspirational film on dreams

Movie Special -10/10movies You Should Watch


Movie Special -10/10movies You Should Watch

One word extraordinary .See intensity in his eyes in the photo.Every scene he is in the movie completely rocked.Many film audience won’t consider tom cruise as one of the best actor but I think his star power always overshadows his performance but in the movie we only see vincent. The scene about talking dreams and how many people can’t achieve them due to their inability is a very powerful scene .The music ,cinematography and tom cruise eye movements in the scene are pretty awesome to watch

Fight club

Movie Special -10/10movies You Should Watch

Although movie is having little bit of dark theme ,every quote in the film defines life style of current generation

Mad Max Fury road

Movie Special -10/10movies You Should Watch

Overall acting is good,story is ok,Music is electrifying and pace is fast.Editing is good with its precise cuts Cinematography is neat and captured shots very brilliantly.Action choreography is best in recent years.Movie is best action movie of this year and better than Avengers age of ultron and Fast and furious 7 in action point of view. So if you want to experience jaw dropping 2 hour chase action movie defiantly movie is a must watch if you are ok with a basic story line for its crazy action

John wick

Movie Special -10/10movies You Should Watch

A 10 movie for its sheer brilliance of story telling ,On the whole John wick should be watched by every action movie lover who loves gangster movies for its Action scenes,cinematography and of course hero Keenu Reeves.Screenplay-every aspiring film student should download and read the screenplay of John wick to understand how to write dialogues for action scenes. A must watch

The Matrix

Movie Special -10/10movies You Should Watch

Although movie goes to a darker path but the philosophy around the movie is great.If you watch as an action movie its fairly ok story but if you read all online analysis on the movie you will surprise by the philosophy Movie discusses living your own life by coming out of the matrix(society expectations,unnecessary stress,virtual world )

Moment to remember

Movie Special -10/10movies You Should Watch

Finally movie is about true love.Love is not about the messages you share on cell phones or showing your affection publicly with taking photographs or doing silly things but it an emotion which connects the human soul itself.True love crosses all boundaries and two souls becoming one and leading a life who supports each other in their decisions.True love is not the love when you are happy in the relationship but when love tested with all life difficulties ,how much you can support your partner,how far you can go and can you really sacrifice everything for your soulmate if yes then that is the true love.Film depicts this emotion perfectly and everyone should watch this movie especially who loves romantic movies shouldn’t miss this gem


Movie Special -10/10movies You Should Watch

What a movie,the twists and turns make glue you to the seat through out the movie.The soundtrack is epic and every actor shined extraordinary in their roles


Movie Special -10/10movies You Should Watch

Although movie has simple story but it changed total 3d technology and VFX is breathtaking

Bourne ultimatum

Movie Special -10/10movies You Should Watch

Once you adjusted to shaky camera then you will be in a treat .The action scenes,the tension between characters and Matt damon combination are perfect .For action lovers this is the highest pleasure watching this film

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