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Movie special -10 inspiring movies you should watch that most of people don’t know

These movies are may be not best in this category but I am giving movies different to many movies like pursuite of happyness as these are less known movies

Tree of Life

Movie is about a man’s life journey from his birth to old age.The regrets he is facing for the things he didn’t do for his family always haunts and beautifully shot movie with philosophy of human existence 

Knight of Cups

One of my favorite movie.Although his movies won’t have straight narratives they are beautiful to see.This movie is about life purpose .A screenwriter dissatisfied with his career wants to find his life purpose

The Imitation game

Its about a real life events took place in worldwar 2 of a guy name Alan Turing(Do you ever heard the concept of Turing machines-He gave the basic foundation to invent Computers,after that Charles babbage created perfect first computer).Turing machine isa machine which can decode enigma settings everyday automatically

so Alan turing played a major role of winning worldwar2 for british alliances against hitler .But Alan Turing did not get the recognition for his work and he thrown into the prison for being gay

Overall movie is a great tribute to Alan Turing who gave foundation for computers .Movie makers did great thing by showing this genius story to the world .In 2012 throughout the world especially in Britain total computer community (software professionals,researchers,computer bloggers) celebrated Alan Turing’s 100 the birthday celebration.At last a genius like him got noticed after 100 years and common man like us still wondering why I am not getting recognition for my efforts.Because this world is very sad hypocritical world


Tommorrowland is about the dreams ,passion and looking the world with a different perspective theme incorporated with scifi genre

Tommorrowland is completely original well directed movie with beautiful message about creativity,dreams and reaching them with nice performances and VFX.


The film opens with a Niki lauda voice over by ‘Twenty-five drivers start every season in Formula One, and each year two of us die. What kind of person does a job like this? Not normal man for sure. Who else? Rebels, lunatics, dreamers, people who are desperate to make a mark and are prepared to die trying.’ Film is about the sport of formul racing and how risky it is being a F1 racer.Although it appreas very safe sport from outside ,actually it is very risky as racers have to compete with time in seconds to reach goal

Whats inspiring is a event took place in 1976 german grand race .Niki stated the race on that day can be a serious threat to the lives of f1 racers due to extreme weather conditions but James hunt convinced everyone to race by stating if race got canceled there is no chance for them to increase points ,so race took place on that day and sadly Niki lauda wounded very badly (his face totally burned) in a fatal F1 car accident.He is on bed for 45 days but he was not able to sleep on hospital bed while his professional enemy James Hunt winning all games so he came back after 45 days with his fatal wounds and won that race in a grand way

Into the wild

Into the wild is directed by Sean Penn(He acted as a hero in many blockbusters) starringEmile Hirsch It is the real biography of a guy named Chris McCandlesswho became a hippie and traveled many places for an adventure or to experience life in Nature. Definitely movie theme is lies in the title itself Into the wild.The journey is not important but characters and persons he encountered and their lives shape him into further

Movie raises questions about what is happiness and how to live the life in a happiest way.Although the methods shown in the movie to live life as the way hero did are not applicable to everyone but man himself need to find a way for himself to live a healthier, happier and adventurous life on his standards

Movie will remain as a cult classic for generations for its message

The Walk

It is a real life story of French high-wire artist Philippe Petit who made a walk on wire between twin towers in 1970s illegally and became legend after that famous walk.This movie is about how he accomplished this crazy adventurous walk with help of his friends

Director vision combined with underlying philosophy about passion ,life and goalsis amazing in the movie.How far one can go to achieve his dreams and is it really worth the struggles to achieve ones dreams this movie will give an answer and not in a preachy way but with its beautiful scenes with thrilling screenplay.In the end the walk is a must watch movie for its thrilling adventurous story and blood pumping walk scenes on hi wire

Steve Jobs

Whats Steve jobs special even though he wont design or write code unless like other visionaries bill gates or Mark zukenberg.Steve jobs specialty in organizing teams ,whats make a product a great product ,getting things done and not to mention his eye for designs and presenting his products to the world.But this aspect is not interesting of his life but his personal life is more complex,inspiring and interesting.The film deals with these complex issues like how he is an ahle in his initial life and how much ambitious he was it dealt with great care. Steve jobs parents left him when he was 1 month old and he was adopted by another couple and jobs traced his father when he was grown up and used to go to a hotel where his biological father working.He never told him he was his son but only he ordered food and he enjoyed the respect given by his father and he completely hated his biological parents.From a rejected child to one of the Genius of century is definitely an inspiring story


Sylvester stalon playing same action figure for a decade but in creed he repraised as Rocky and must admit he is still a great drama actor.If you didnt watched it watch its great in recent times

Fight Club

Although movie is having little bit of dark theme ,every quote in the film defines life style of current generation

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