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Movies special list – Movies on survival

martian – Its all about human spirit

With an exceptional performance from Matt Damaon combined with terrific Ridely scotts vision

The Martian shows human spirit in an unimaginable sci-fi adventure.The theme is ‘there is nothing can breakdown human spirit not a person,not a bad situation and even not a dry planet like mars end our hero conquered Mars with his spirit

Into the wild

Movie raises questions about what is happiness and how to live the life in a happiest way.Although the methods shown in the movie to live life as the way hero did are not applicable to everyone but man himself need to find a way for himself to live a healthier, happier and adventurous life on his standards Movie will remain as a cult classic for generations for its message


movie is beautifully shot and exploration of lost spirit of human in wild .Watch it for amazing performances and the message it gives.If anybody feeling depressed then you should watch this gem


I am giving this movie as No1 because after long struggle he won an Oscar .Definitely Leo performance is so great and you will completely immerse in this movie.He ate raw liver ,slept in horse inner body,completly changed his look with beard .The cinematography by Chevo using only natural light and shot in difficult climatic conditions itself shows the directors dedication to the art of movies

cast away

A man trapped in an Island after a flight crash and how he survives is the story

In the heart of a sea

Not a great movie but a one time watch .A survival story of a ship members who are constantly being attacked by a giant whale

127 hours movie

A human determination to not to surrender to death …its better to call to live life against all odds because each second counts

Any person wants to be inspired and what exactly it will be in face of death should watch this wonderful movie 127hours.James franco actually held the camera in hand on shoot to feel the scenes as real as possible.Danny boyle again proved that he is good with dramas.Life is a blessing count every second and do good with your time Watch this inspiring movie and you shouldn’t miss this movie

The grey movie

The ending is abrupt but movie is an entertainment watch .Liam neeson best film after taken in recent years.The cinematography is neat with nail biting direction and good performances


After a space mission fails crew has to reach home

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