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Naa Saamy Ranga Movie Review

CB Rating: 2.5 / 5

Cast: Sai, Dilip, Sti Teja, PRiyanka, Yashaswini
Director: Subramanyam Pachha
Producer: Kiran Kumar Reddy
Music Director: Agastya
Release Date: 13 September 2013

A small movie titled Naa Saami Ranga starring ‘Ee rojullo’ Sai, Dilip, Sri Teja, Priyanka and Yashaswi is releasing this week. The movie is directed by Subramanyam Pachha and produced by means of Vidhata movies. Allow us to transfer into the overview.

Srinu ( Dilip), Ravi (Sai) and Shiva (Sri Teja) are good childhood friends doing their respective jobs. Rani (Priyanka) and Srinu loves each other. Maya (Yashaswini), a new tenant joins this gang. After some incidents, Maya finds herself in a trouble and shares it with the gang. This gang tries to clear her disturbance but they’ll face a deep trouble with Mafia Don (Asish Vidhyardhi). The rest of the story is all about how they escapes from the situation and how they changed the Mafia don.

Dilip and Sri teja are ok. Ravi by ‘Ee rojullo’ Sai is very good in comedy timing. Priyanka and Yashaswini are quite good. Ashish vidyardhi steals the show in Second half. Jeeva as the house owner is just right with punch dialogues. Prudvi ( 30 yrs industry) did a good job as Raja Sri krishna deva raya. The rest is at their level best

First half passes with good dialogues whereas Second half modifies the mood and brings into thrilling comedy. A major plus of this movie is dialogues wrote by the team. The main minus is that they leaved the logic’s. They had shown that Ashish vidyardhi as International don but in interval block there is no security to don and the lack of richness showing the Mafia don is the main problem.

Direction by Subramanyam isn’t bad however he have to choose the subjects which are in trend. If this film releases before three years it is going to be a tremendous hit for sure. Dialogues had been excellent in parts. Cinematography by Bal Reddy was superb as he carried the movie on his shoulders. The next credit goes to RR Chinna. He accomplished an awesome job. Music by Agastya must have been better. Editing by Upendra is sharp. The production values of Vidhata movies are excellent.

Watch it if you haven’t any option

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