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Nandamuri fans angry on Balayya !!

Day by day the presence and success of mega family has been increasing in Tollywood and it must be said that the other star families are lagging behind. More so, it is with Nandamuri family which has been thirsty for success from a long time. With this, the Nandamuri fans are resting all their hopes on Nandamuri Balakrishna.

But then, Balayya makes his own plans and others have to follow it without questioning or else they will face his wrath. Now, it is heard that Nandamuri fans are worried on Balayya’s future plan. It is heard that the Nandamuri hero is planning a bus yatra as part of his political activities and interests.

At the same time he is also preparing for the shooting of ‘Jayasimha’ under the direction of Boyapati Srinu. Nandamuri fans feel if Balayya gets into Bus Yatra it will surely have an impact on the film’s shooting and Balayya’s look also. And their dreams of seeing a hit will once again evaporate. We have to see how Balayya will justify both ends.

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