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Nara Rohit is turning ‘Rowdy Fellow’

Rowdy Fellow’ this is title of the hero’s new film with lyric writer turning director Krishna Chaitanya. Though Chaitanya penned a few songs, he has earned a name for himself. It seems he narrated a story to Nara Rohit and Rohit is highly impressed with it. Rohit immediately said to have given a go for the film. Rowdy Fellow is billed to be a mass action entertainer whereas Vishakha Singh is playing lead actress opposite Nara Rohit. Nandini Rai is second fiddle. ‘Swamy ra ra’ producer Chakri Chigurupati will produce the film. Pre-production work of this movie is going on at a brisk pace. The producers have registered ‘Rowdy fellow’ as the title for this movie.

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