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Nayan to team up with Balayya again?

Well it looks like Balayya problem will be soon solved. Sources say that Nayanatara is confirmed as heroine in Balayya’s Ruler movie. Nayanatara’s name was is discussions right from the beginning, but she could not reportedly give her consent for the movie, due to dates problem.

As Kahaani Telugu remake Anamika is nearing completion, Nayan is said to be relieved. As a result, sources say Nayan has given dates for Balayya-Boyapati movie it seems. Balakrishna and Nayanatara have been a successful pair with two successive hits Simha and Sriramarajyam.

If Nayan teams up with Balayya in Ruler, then it will be their hat-trick combination. This will also end the hunt for a suitable heroine for Balayya. However, many are not sure of what happened to Sonal Chauhan who was reportedly confirmed for the film. Some are stating may be she was taken as the second female lead.

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