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New Logan trailer Analysis and references to Christopher Nolan

Recently released Trailer OF logan looks like a film directed in inspiration of Chrstopher Nolan batman

1 The trailer shows Logan is haunted by his past and most of Nolan heroes are alwase haunted by a traumatic past and will have a second chance to overcome it

2 The trailer is having Father daughter kind of relation ship…she is not exactly wolverin daughter but in comics she is created using Wolverin DNA …We know that Nolan films have strong family bonding references and especially Interstellar is of Father-daughter bonding…

3 A mentor professor Xavier is in this film but not like a super hero but as a guide.This is also a repeated theme in Nolan films

4  In Logan 2017 villain -heavers is a team of cyborg criminals under the leadership of Donald Pierce . So a crime mobster with mutant powers like many nolan movie villains like Joker,bane and ras a gul

5  Soundtrack in this trailer is really great.The song is integral part of the movie it seems same like Nolan

Finally I feel new Logan movie is really will be like a movie directed by Nolan.I checked on some of director interviews and he clearly mentioned that he is a great admirer of Nolan darkknight trilogy and logan is influenced by Nolan work and watchman book

Fandango: You’re absolutely right. In order for the genre to evolve you need to change the ingredients in these films.

Mangold: But the other question I ask is whether this is a genre. Are comic book movies a genre? Because as many wonderful films as I can think of – like Christopher Nolan’s Batman films are like noir pictures, and you can call [Logan] and other movies Westerns. You can say Guardians of the Galaxy is like a romp or an adventure in the vein of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Each one of these movies exist within another genre, and it’s almost like the key to success with these movies is to figure out what kind of genre you’re making. Comic book movies only describes its origin.

It’d be like saying “novel movie” because it came from a novel. That doesn’t tell you much because there are as many comic books as there are novels. It’s not specific. It only really says that the characters probably have some kind of superpowers, but it doesn’t tell you what kind of story you’re telling. You could make a horror film about superheroes. To me, that’s where the originality happens. And where the originality fails is when people go, oh, it’s based on a comic book, so that’s the only genre I need. For the most part the movies that live in that form tend to be the weakest

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