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New movies released shows The indian cinema need to change

Almost everythingis wrong with current bollywood movies The quality of movies is crap.Hope current generation learns from Amithab bachhan .His recent low budget Pink is one of good movie released in this year .All other stars are trapped in their own fairy stardom

Amir khan is only star making good movies from lagaan

He also did one commercial film recently named Dhoom3 .What a silly movie copied from prestige of twin brothers story line

Sharukh occasionally starred in good movies like Swadesh,Chak de and fan but once he gets flop he is not even experimenting again

Salman khan is recently changed a little bit in his masala stories but his recent best film is bhajrangi bhijaan in all other 10 blockbusters he released in these years

Now coming to the current generation so called stars Varun dhawan,Siddarth malhotra,Aditya Roy kappor and so many other made acting as a body building contest. See recent Adity akapoor starrer scene -A painter will have a six pack and he paints with bare shirt.I am not saying that painters should be like lean etc but watch the scene what they want to establish here .Art or abs?

With mindless love triangles,shitty heroic dialogues and masala songs bollywood is degrading its quality.Some exceptions are there like Nawajuddien siqqiquie,rajkumar rao and Sushant singh rajput but they are not getting enough credit

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