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Nicholas cage career and films analysis

its better to call him actor who did pretty bad movies.i think he is a versatile actor and can pull off complex roles if he get a good director.Some of the films where he did terrfic job

Face off

A different concept well executed.Nicholas cage did terrific job with his villain antics and equally a good performance as a family man

The Rock

A good action film and reasonably a good performance from cage


A great movie showed caliber of acting of Nicholas cage.He acted as a syruggling screen writer.he got Oscar nomination for his role

Machestic man

Nice thriller with wonderful performances from the cast

Lord of war

Such a great film showing the life of a weapon dealer

National treasure series

A disney film of adventure and pretty reasonable movies

After 2007 he acted in many cheap action films.National treasure films are good .Ghost rider searies is one of worst superhero series.Many action films are critically got negative reviews and his drama movies had never a great success thats why he termed as a actor with bad movies

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