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Nikhita New Look In TMVL

Nikhita, who is holding Vamsi’s two films ‘Tanu Monne Vellipoindi’ and ‘Love’, is very excited for her role in TMVL ‘Tanu Monne Vellipoindi’. Her debut as actress is with ‘its My Love Story(2011)’ under the direction of Madhura Sridhar Reddy. Now she is holding ‘Made In Vizag’ under the direction of Kanmani, and ‘Race’ under the direction of Ramesh Raparthy along with two Vamsi films.

Nikhita is also excited about playing a traditional girl in TMVL as it is her new look. She stated that, she have a new avatar in this film and even was surprised to see herself in the movie. The director portraying of female lead is very beautiful. Hence the film is produced by Poorna Naidu. Stay tuned for more updates….

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