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Nirbhaya case against music director Chakri

A case was registered against music director Chakri and producer Paruchiri Prasad in the Banjara Hills police station in Hyderabad on Monday.

It is learnt that a woman complained that Chakri and Prasad misbehaved with her.

One Madhavi of Begumpet filed this case. She complained to the police that Chakri has misbehaved with her during the Friendship Day festivities at his house on Sunday night. Police said they filed the case under the ‘Nirbhaya’ act against both Chakri and Paruchuri Prasad.

Chakri has become popular with the film ‘Idiot’ and became a big music director after he scored music to hit films like ‘Itlu Sravani Subramaniam’, ‘Avunu Vaalliddaroo Ishtapaddaaru’, ‘Siva Mani’ Deva Dasu’, ‘Chakram’ and Simha’.

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