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Nitin renamed his home banner

Telugu cinema young actor Nitiin renamed his home banner ” shresth movies” to “Srawanaa movies after delivering a box office hit with Gunde Jaari gallanthaindhe. Nitiin tweeted as “My home banner is now being renamed as Srawanaa movies”.

He is going to do a movie with Srinivas who is the director surender reddy’s assistant under srawanaa banner. Mani sharma’s son Sagar Mahati will compose the music. Dialogues will be penned by Harshavardhan (Gundejaari gallanthaindhe fame) and screenplay by Mukhund pandey. The muhurtam of this untitled film will be on 24th february 2014.The heroine is not yet confirmed.

This young actor is in full of form at boxoffice.After bagging two boxoffice hits with Ishq and Gundejaari gallanthaindhe he is now bagged an average hit with Heart attack.His next film Courier boy kalayan will hit the screeens in summer.

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