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Nocturnal Animals 2016 movie analysis – One of the neat psychological thriller

One of beautifully written movie with many undelying themes.

edwars send his ex wife a novel dedicated to her and when she startsd reading it she reflects her own relationship with edward

Movie movies in two stories.one is real life story and another is the novel.the novel story is as intriguting as the real story.Great way of story terlling and in the end you will get most of the ansers and brilliance of the story

Jake Gyllenhaal is really brilliant with hid performance.All cast did wonderfull job and cinematograophy is neat


the novel he dedicated to his wife is lie taking revange – susan said to edward that he will be never a great writer ,susan left him and aborted edward chilld .So in novel also we can see the hero’s wife and child being taken away …in real life edward is very weak and not able to stanf againist susan or not able to say that he isa great witer …same goes into novel also as he is not able to stand againist that group on road but in end he standes up againist them…the same way in real life he stood up againist his weakness and wrote a beautiful novel…the end it shows he doesn’t show up or leaving susan on her own the same way she left him…living good is best revange is the concept of the movie

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