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Nolan special article – people who are supported Nolan in his journey

For every Man Succes there is a woman .This quote perfectly fits to Christopher Nolan.His wife Emma thompson whom he known from his college started film making with him as a producer .

Before entering into the movie he waited and struggled for many years after that he ventured his own Independent film ,The following is produced by nolan,his wife and his friend and actor Jeremy Theobald of Following .it was premiered in 2000 venic international film and received great reviews .Nolan used only balck and white so that he can use lee lightning equipment and can hid any errors

After that Nolan approached new Market films a small distribution company and they liked the script.Jonthan Nolan brother of Chrstopher nolan gave him a 1 page story idea and nolan developed it to a film script.Movie made great mark in film festivals and Steven Sodenberg oceans series director(He is also likes to independently and directed many films ,edited on his own,most of films he provided cinematography simultaneously – A genius guy) and he distributed Memento .We can say Sodenbergh is one of succesfull factor of Christopher Nolan because everybody liked that a genius like Sodenberg amazed with a new talent ofcource thats a great achievement for any new comer

Not only he helped in Memento distribution but he talked with Warner brothers for insomina remake.Warner brothers are considering big directors but Sodenberg insisted on Nolan.

After that insomnia got a reasonable success they assigned job of batman series and then every thing is histroy. Nolan became one of favorite director of Warner brothers studios

Watch below video of Sodenberg on Insomnia

Insomnia – Steven Soderbergh on Choosing Christopher Nolan

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