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Nuvvula Nenila

Cast : Varun Sandesh, Poorna, Dhanraj, Vennela Kishore and Others.

Directed by : Nakkina Trinadha Rao.

Language : Telugu.

Genre : Romance.

Release date : 8th August 2014.

Rating : 1.5/5.

Music : Sai Karthik.

Bottom Line : An outdated Story.

Plot : Krish ( Varun sandesh ) is an NRI entrepreneur who lands in india to fulfil his father last wish. He bumps into his colleague, Mahalaxmi aka mahi (Poorna) who is an old fashioned girl. She is dumped by her boyfriend because of her attitude.Krish helps Mahalaxmi to rebuild her personal life and career.In the meantime he unconsciously falls for her. By the time krish realises his love for mahi, the girl’s boyfriend apologies her. What happened next forms the crux of the story.

Nakkina Trinadha Rao who won the hearts of young audience with Memu vayasuku vacham has made this movie with an outdated story. Even his narrative style is not impressive. Editing is not okay. A few scenes irritate the viewers. Cinematography is not bad. Music composed by sai kartheek is passable. Production values are not bad.

Varun sandesh has teamed up with trinadh rao for the second time but they have failed to create a magic at boxoffice. it is not a tailor made role for varun even though he has given a decent performance. Poorna is absolutely helpless because she lands in an unconvincing role. Dhanraj and vennela kishore irritates you with the lame comic timming. Supporting cast is okay.

Varun woes continues at box office he has to choose the good scripts to survive more in the industry, However, Watch this movie at your own interest.

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