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Oka Criminal Prema katha

Cast : Manoj Nandam, Anil Kalyan, Priyanka Pallavi, FM Babai, Deeksat and Others.

Directed by : P Suneel Kumar Reddy.

Language : Telugu.

Genre : Thriller.

Release date : 18th July 2014.

Rating : 1.5/5.

Music : Pravin Immadi.

BottomLine : Good concept but poor execution.

Plot : Seenu ( Manoj Nandam) is an assistant videographer in a small village. He woos a girl called Bindu (Priyanka Pallavi) with his antics. They both fall for each other. Because of bindu’s father health problems, family relocates to her uncle’s home which is in Visakhapatnam. After a few days, Seenu works as a canteen boy in the same college where bindu studies. But she suddenly starts to avoid him.When seenu attempts to suicide she tells a reason for neglecting him.She even asks the favour of him.What is that favour ? Why she neglected seenu? Are main parts of the story.

P suneel kumar Reddy who has earlier directed few films ( sontha ooru and Oka romantic crime katha) is penned a realistic story this time too. His previous film was all about sexual abuse by strangers. but this time it is all about sexual abuse by family. He has written too many double entendre dialogues. Editing could have been better. Cinematography is just good. Pravin immad scored mediocre music. Production values are okay.

Manoj Nanadam is okay in his role. He should have to choose other subjects instead of repetitive stories. Priyanka pallavi is not a heroine material interms of all views. Anil kalyan is okay in his role. Stayanand is good in the negative role. Performances of all the actors are just below par.

This one could have been a better movie if it was executed properly by the director. Anyways,Watch it at your own risk.

-Shrinu Nakka.

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