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One more News Channel for AP………..

In AP, already 15 24-hour news channels are having. Now one more channel is adding to that list which is named as “TV 6″. It is the new entertainment channel provides 24 hours news. As per the sources, TV 6 is operating by Venkata Krishna who recently quit the TV 5 channel and rumors like the channel is owned by TDP President Nara Chandra Babu Naidu.

Drushyam – Durbadyam; Aksharam – Ayudham; Alochana – Anvastram; Nibaddathe Maa Audham’ is said to be the mantra and the Caption of the channel is ‘Adhiredi Ledu, Bedhiredi Ledu’ which is so catchy. Already there is tough competition between these 15 channels and lets see how this new channel TV 6 is going to survive with their new ideas and updates. So lets wish All the Best to this new channel………….

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