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Oohalu Gusagusalade Movie Review

Cast : Nag shourya, Rashi khanna, Srinivas Avasarala, Rao Ramesh, Posani Krishnamurali and Others.

Directed by : Srinivas avasarla.

Language : Telugu.

Genre : Romance comedy.

Release date : 20th june 2014.

Rating : 3/5

Music : Kalyani Koduri

BottomLine : Refreshing movie for Romantic movie lovers.

Plot: Venkateshawarlu (Nag shourya) is a big flirt. He aims to become a news reader. He goes to visakhapatnam on summer vacation.He comes across sri sai Sirisha Prabhavati (Rashi khanna) who is a delhite, comes to Visakhapatnam to visit her grandmother. Venkateshawarlu starts to woo prabhavati. They both fall for each other in no time. On the last day of summer vaction, venky hurts prabhavati with his words. After a few years, venkateshwarlu gets a news reader job in an upcoming news channel called UB tv. Uday ( srinivas avasarla) is the MD of the UB tv. A marriage broker brings an alliance for uday and he likes that girl.He wants to impress her with the help of his employee,Venkateshawarlu. Venky finds out that girl is Prabhavati. What venky will do? How they gonna pair up again? Are main parts of the story.

Srinivas avasarla has written a good a script but his narrative style could have been much better. First half of the movie has a few lagging scenes. It could have been trimmed. Second half is just good. Editing Is quite okay. Cinematography has done a fair job. Kalyani koduri has composed catchy music.BGM brings soul to the certain scenes. Production values are good.

Nag shourya is a perfect choice for the lead role and He did it with ease. Rashi khanna has done a brilliant job. Her screen presence seems like language is no bar for her.Srinivas avasarla is amazing. His comic timming is a big plus point. As a director, he has done an average job, but as an actor, he did a superb job. The supporting cast is okay in their roles.

Go for this movie if you like romanti films.

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