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Cast : Shashank, Nandu, Anupriya, Sirisha, Hamood and Others.

Directed by : Mahi V Raghav.

Language : Telugu.

Genre : Drama Romance.

Release date : 10th October 2014.

Rating : 2.75/5.

Music : Rahul Raj.

Bottom Line : A delightful journey.

Plot : This is the story of five dejected friends who are bidding to say final good bye. The friends group comprises three boys and two girls. On their convocation day their professor suggest them to visit each other native places then They hire a van to visit the places. What happened in this journey is rest of the story.

Even though Paatashala is a small budget movie it has a great promotions to draw the crowd to theatres. Now a days most of the aspiring directors have made their debuts with small films. Mahi V Raghav is also one of them. He has written a decent story which we have seen very rare in telugu films but his lack of experience made him to did some mistakes in narration. The second hour of the movie is quite down compared to first half. Editing Is not good. Paatshala has stunning visuals, Cinematographer deserve a special applause. ‘Oh my friend’ fame Rahul raj has composed decent music. Production values are good.

The young heros are so desperate to make an impact on the viewers with their acting skills. Nandu has already proved his mettle in his previous films even this time he did a good job. Shanshank has got a tailor made role he did it with ease. Anupriya is confined to glamorous role. Sirisha did a fair job. Rest of the cast have supported very well.

Concept, Cinematography and Music are the plus points for the film.

Narration and editing are minus points.

This is a predictable youth enterainer. One time watchable.

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