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Pandavalu pandavalu thummeda

Cast : Manchu Mohan babu, Raveena Tandon Vishnu, Manoj, Hansika, Pranitha, Kishore, Tanish and Others.

Directed by : Sri Vaas

Language : Telugu

Genre : Comedy

Release date :31st january 2014.

Rating : 2.75 /5

Music : Achu and Bappi Lahari

Bottom Line : Not a bad remake.

Plot : Naidu (Mohan babu) is a tourist guide in Bangkok.He is a bachelor who lives with his three adopted sons Manoj, varun sandesh and Tanish. He has an ex lover (Raveena Tandon) who lives with her two adopted sons ( vishnu and Kishore) in the same city. One day destiny makes Naidu to meet his ex, they want to get married. vishnu loves honey ( Hansika). she wants to make them together. As honey want to get marry vishnu someone kidnaps her. who is that someone? what is her flashback? are main parts of the story.

Director srivaas has written weak plot. he might get inspired from Bollywood flick Goolmaal3. First half is just okay, second half is filled up with lame comic scenes. Cinematography is not bad. Editing is bearable.Hackneyed screenplay makes the audience feel bore. Music is not much catchy. Production values are good.

Mohan babu did a decent job, his dialogue delivery is one of the big assets to film. The graphics is damn loaded in his fight sequences.Raveena did a fine job. Vishnu has given nice performance. Manoj did a brilliant job in a lady get up. he tickled the funny bone. Pranitha is restricted to only one song, she didn’t get much chance to prove her mettle. Hansika did a great job. the rest of the cast is okay in their roles.

Not a bad movie to watch on this weekend.

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