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Paperman -Oscar winning short film – 4.5/5

PaperMan what’s it all about ?

Paperman opens with a guy who got bored with his daily job (Yes they portrayed that emotion in less than 5 seconds in first shot itself ) waiting in a train station and meets a stranger girl.After some hilarious gestures between them he misses the girl but he he will get a second chance to turn his boring life to exciting when he sees the girl in opposite building.He tries to communicate with her using paper planes but not able to reach.After that how they met is the story of film.

Before the camera

Animations looked very good as it was produced by Disney .Characters expressions felt very real and emotional. Film shows as destiny is much more powerful than anything else.Watch the movie to find out why?

Behind the Camera

As it is an animated film total credit goes to the Director and animators as they did a wonderful job by bringing those complex emotions.Music is another added advantage. They did emotional music,happy music,sad music and so many.Music distinguished very well scene to scene.

Final Analysis

Paperman is a 6 minute  film that deals with love,hope and emotions

What’s good ?



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