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Patas Movie review

Cast : Kalyan Ram, Shruthi sodhi, Sai Kumar, Srinivas reddy and others.

Directed by : Anil Ravipudi.

Language : Telugu.

Genre : Action Comedy.

Release date : 23 January 2015.

Rating : 3.25/5

Music : Sai Karthik.

Bottom Line : Cop role brings fortune to Kalyan ram.

After a long time, Nandamuri Kalyan ram is back again on big screen with pataas. His last film ‘Om’ was dampen at the  box office. This time, Nandamuri scion is teamed up with debutant director Anil Ravipudi to bag a super hit at the box office. Let’s move into the review.

Patas beings  with a dreadful politician, GK (Ashutosh Rana) who despise police. He wants to see his lovable brother as an MP ( Member of Parliament).Meanwhile, In chattisgarh forest, An Assistant commissioner of police, Kalyan saves a central minister (JP) from the terrorists. With the help of minister, He gets transferred to Hyderabad to take revenge on his father (Sai Kumar) who is Director general of police. As soon as kalyan lands in the city, He becomes the most corrupted cop and aids GK. The cop befriends a physically handicapped girl who treats him as brother. One day the poor girl is murdered by the brother of GK. Kalyan is not aware of this fact and helps the GK’s brother. Once He learns the fact from his father, the most corrupted cop turns the tables and goes against the dreadful politician. Why kalyan wants to take revenge on his father? Will father and son gets reunited? How the cop goes against the dreadful politician?  Forms the crux of the story.

Director Anil Ravipudi has penned the comedy action entertainer for Kalyan ram in the view of showing the actor in a different angle,Which we haven’t seen him before. The first half has alot of fun to the viewers and the second half offered nandamuri trade mark action sequences. Anil has managed to keep the viewers in engaging mode with hackneyed narrative style. The captain of the ship did his best to balance the action and comedy at equal levels. Editing is okay. Cinematographer did  great job. Sai karthik composed music and background score pumped up the visuals. Production values by NTR arts are good.

There is no big hit for kalyan ram after ‘Athanokkade’. So, the actor pinned  all his hopes on patas. This is the best performance by kalyan ram till date. His dialogue delivery reminds me of balayya. He has improvised his moves as well. New girl in the tinsel town, Shruthi sodhi has less scope to perform, she did a decent job. Dialogue king Sai kumar did a fantabulous jon in a pivotal role. Ashutosh rana’s antagonist role is quite weak. Srinivas reddy, Posani, Shankar have tickled the funny bone of audience.  Rest of the cast has supported well.

On the Whole, After a long time,Kalyan ram bagged a decent hit at the box office. Even though the content is quite hackneyed, The director has extracted the finest performances from his cast. Business wise, Patas will increase the bank balance of producer kalyan ram. Go and watch this action-comedy entertainer with friends and family.







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