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Pawan Kalyan And Venkatesh Are Kind Hearted

This incident happened just few hours before when a old lady came to Venkatesh’s office for asking fund for an old age home run by her, before coming to Venkatesh’s office she met Pawan Kalyan and here is whole incident in brief:

When Pawan Kalyan was going out in his car he saw an old woman standing outside his office and stopped his car and asked her problem, she said that she came four funds for her old age home then he took her to his guest house gave her a coffee prepared by himself and en quired about that old age home whether its real/fake and gave one Lakh rupees to her, he also made arrangements for her lunch, this was told by herself in Venkatesh’s office, our Venky also without any second thought gave her some amount.

While this is the reason why both these heroes are respected in film industry.

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