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Pawan kalyan ATTHARINITI KI DAREDHI latest update !!

Pawan Kalyan is back to Hyderabad after a month long schedule in Europe for his film Attarintiki Daredi in the direction of Trivikram. A few songs, scenes and fights were shot. A special fight was shot in an island in Spain using choppers on Pawan Kalyan and Vamsy (OKa Vichitram hero) in the action choreography of Peter Hein.

The unit along with Pawan Kalyan has landed from Milan today morning at 3 am. The next schedule will start on 4 July with a song on Pawan Kalyan, Samantha and gang at a set erected in Annapurna.

It’s going to be situational yet energetic song Postproduction of the film is simultaneously done. Dubbing for the 1st half is over.

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