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Pawan Kalyan Given Voice To Folk Song In Attarintiki Daredi

Why Power Star Pawan Kalyan is hiding it from everyone is million dollar question in Telugu film industry and also for Attarintiki Daredi team who knows about it. When contacted we got to know that this is kept as secret to surprise audiences when they watch it on big screen.

The hidden thing which we are talking about is song which was sung by Pawan Kalyan inAttarintiki Daredi movie. This song is not released in the audio launch nor included in the music album of AD. A small hint about this song was given by Brahmi at audio release function of AD.

This is not first for Pawan showed his talent of singing in his films, he lend his voice for Thammudu, Khushi, Jhonny, Panjaa earlier. Even today “Byee Eehh Bangaru Ravanamma“ folks bit sung by Pawan is very popular which stood as trend setting decade back. We have to wait till 7th August to witness the magic which Pawan is going to create with his new song in AD.

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