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Pawan kalyan interview with TV9- Discussed on politics,Special status and RGV

1.Pawan kalian discussed many things on politics

2.He doesn’t want to discuss his private life

3.Janasena will be independent party and wont merge with bjp

4.Kcr is doing great things in telengana but he didn’t support other Mla s are joining in kcr’s party.Chandrababu Naidu is committed to do good but he is not getting proper support

5.He is supporting Narendra modi but not BJP

6.People should marry  persons from other casts and other religions also then only after 30 years these caste problems will reduce

7.When he is shooting in arebian country one guy came to him asked is he pawan kalian,After pawan went to his shop and ate some food.In interactions he got to know that his fims are being dubbed in hindi in ZTV

8.He will come completely in politics and want to stay in politics more than 25 years from now on .

9.Rgv is in frustuation.Some times he will put good tweets on me some times he criticizes.Actually he likes me very much and whatever step I do he wants to be perfect.In that sense only he is keeping all tweets

10.Rgv narrated a script to pawan in pawan’s beginning career and pawan didn’t liked the story after that RGV called chiranjeevi and said that your brother is very arrogant.Later on after my success he again called and said he is wrong about pawan.


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