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Pawan kalyan recent interview-Discussed aggressively on criticism,market and cinema


1.Pawan is an accidental actor he doesn’t like to be an actor but he did his best in acting

2.Kajal did good in acting and her dresses are selected by a costume designer thoroughly

3.he did every comedy scene with best

4.He doesn’t have stamina like chiru in movie process.He cant understand regular 5to 6 songs and all elements in Indian movies.

5.he loves his brother very much and he is only having  differences in politics thought process

6.In 2019 he will stop movies as actor and completely focus on movies

7.He loves watching English movies,old hindi and old telugu movies

8.his ideology is communicated through Politics that’s why he doesn’t do message oriented movies only want to do entertainment

9.In sarddar his relationship between sardaar and samba is like friends

10.Next movies are with trivikram and SJ surya

11.Somebody has to take our market to next level.Tamil heroes are succeeding in telugu but we are not able to enter in tamil market.People alwase criticize but have to take first step irrespective of outcome

12. He said In dayi damma I watched chiru version and my bother got so much ease in dancing but I manged what I can do

13.He is having financial problems due to many people are working for him and he has to mange those salaries and he is doing less number of movies

14.Talked that after 50 movies only Rajani got market in telugu so have to try to improve our markets in other areas with constant efforts

15.He is really committed to do good in politics


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