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Pawan Kalyan’s Attarintiki Daredi Movie teaser talk

Pawan Kalyan’s Atharintiki Daredi journey started with its Official HD teaser released…

The teaser speaks everything about the film Pawan Kalyan’s walking gestures and the back ground like Veedu Aaaradugula Bullettu Veeedu Dhairyam visirina Rocketttu! Says that, Pawan character Goutham Nanda is not a soft character at all. It’s like solid-fuel rocket ready to take of any time.

Sources say, Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram watched the teaser at Pawan’s residence and decided to go ahead for the release. Thus, sent it to all media channels at 7:00pm.

Overall the first teaser has caught the audience attention and also raised their expectations as nothing about the films was revealed.

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