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Pawan Kalyan’s Banners for election campaign

Power Star Pawan Kalyan gave green signal to act in the film to be produced by the PVP production company next year.

There is reason for this. Param V Potluri (PVP) who recently produced ‘Balupu’ has political connections. He is a key person in the YSR Congress. Some even say that he is a partner in Sakshi newspaper. PVP has been actively participating in Sharmila’s ‘Pada Yatra’.

As Pawan’s brother Chiranjeevi is a key Congress leader and union minister, naturally Pawan acting in PVP’s film caused surprise. As reports have been doing the rounds that Pawan and Chiru were not seeing eye to eye, this combination with PVP gave rise to speculations.

Reports have been doing the rounds that both the TDP and the YSRCP have been trying to rope in Pawan as he still continues to be angry with the Congress. There was furor when Pawan and Naga Babu went to the TDP office to meet Chandra Babu Naidu. Reports said Pawan was promised TDP ticket. However later Naga Babu explained that they met Naidu only to congratulate him on successful completion of his pada yatra.

Sources say that Pawan is unable to still digest the fact that his brother had joined the Congress which they detested and campaigned against. Pawan said during election campaign that he would undress Congress leaders and bash them up.

Those words really reflected Pawan’s inner feelings as he totally dislikes Congress, say sources close to him. This is the reason why he is maintaining distance from Chiranjeevi, they say. It is in this connection that the YSRCP used PVP to rope in the support of Pawan say political observers. If Pawan finally acts in the YSR Congress, the party might use his banners and cutouts for its election campaign.

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