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Pawan’s Act Gets Roaring Response

Generally in our Tollywood we rarely see heroes doing publicity for their films, especially when it comes to Pawan Kalyan, he is very silent person , he doesn’t even prefer to talk much in audio function, but the things have changed, earlier during audio function of Attarintiki Daredi he surprised every one by uttering dialogue, now he had sung an song and surprised everyone.

Though its not new for us to hear that Pawan has sung a song as he already did it earlier, but in Katham Rayudu song from Attarintiki Daredi he shaked his body along with his voice, this is what making his fans happy and is leaving his critics surprised, this may not be new for films because in Bollywood people very often do this, but for Tollywood that too for a star like Pawan Kalyan its definitely an new thing.

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