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Perfect You -Short film – 3.5/5

Story –  Perfect You  begins  a guy and a girl meets in a park .They never speaks with each other but talks with only expressions.Find out next what happens?

Before the camera

Both are did pretty good but girl exceeded  in her acting

Behind the Camera

Background music very nice as it is the main backbone of the film. Location is fine and very simple.Visual quality is fine.Director  did very good job in dealing with cast and making film as sensitive as possible.

Analysis – Very good sensitive film.Although Cinemebabu wants to give 4 rating ,we cant as this film concept is already there in a Korean short film and in other versions of the source film

Positives                                                        Negatives

s6d - Perfect You -Short Film - 3.5/5


Final Verdict

s6f - Perfect You -Short Film - 3.5/5


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