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Philosophy of life – How one can be satisfied with life

Satisfaction with life is entirely perspective of an individual. Some always want more from life in a good way while some are not satisfied with how much they get.

  • Life is a blessing by god and we are sent here on earth with a return ticket , instead of outcome of destination we should enjoy the journey
  • Of course it is not easy gaining satisfaction with life as human always wants more and human expectations have don’t limits
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  • So the best way to limit our greediness is doing charity whenever possible so that our desires will be restricted due to selfless love
  • If you are not satisfied with your current life then you have to figure out what causing the dissatisfaction.If you can overcome it then great otherwise you have to accept whatever is the situation and be happy
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  • We don’t have less time on earth and many days we waste in useless daily grind of life
  • Observe around and how many of us enjoying sunrise or sunset .We only experiencing it in movies and will feel happy .It shows how much we became addicted to virtual world
  • This world is set on fire with raged beliefs of religious fanatics, opportunity taking politics and greedy corporate companies .Many of innocent people lost their lives ,families and body parts in recent wars.People are dying trying to escape this war zones to have a one good night sleep.The recent photo of a small child s body on a beach is proving that there are many people are not even having a decent lives at least we are having a good life
  • So try to be happy and be satisfy with what you have.Lets hope one day will come that most of the people on earth will lead a happy,decent and satisfied lives
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