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Pisachi movie review

CB Rating : 2/5.
Cast : Naga, Prayaga, Martin, Kalyani Natarajan and others.
Directed by : Mysskin.
Language : Telugu ( dub).
Genre : horror thriller.
Release date : 27th February 2015.
Music : Arol Correlli.
Bottom Line :  failed to scare audience.
Pisachi is the Telugu dub film of pisasu directed by Mysskin who earlier attacked the telugu cinema box office with a dubbing film called Mask ( Mugamoodi). This time he came up woth horror thriller. Lets move into the review how this pisachi doing at the box office.
A young lanky guy, Siddharth ( Naga) is a violinist. He comes across a girl (Prayaga) who is in blood pool. Nag tries his best to save her, but his attempts go in vain. Nag gets depressed after the girl lost her life. A ghost haunts his house and torment him. Who is that Ghost? Why that ghost haunt his house? Forms the crux of the story.

In recent times, Horror genre movies failed to impress the audience. Even Pisachi is also comes under that category. Mysskin did his best to scare his audience but his efforts are not enough to do that. He managed to keep the audience in engaging mode with bis narrativw style. Though it is 1 hr 47 mins there are some dragging scenes there which makes you feel gloomy. Cinematographer has done a decent job. Production values are okay.

Naga suited ver well for ths lead role, He has emoted very well in key scenes. Prayaga did a good job. Rest of the cast is okay in their respective roles.

On the whole, Pisachi extremely slow and hardly entertains. Business wise, Tough time ahead for pisachi. Better to skip this one.

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