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PK Movie Review

Cast : Aamir Khan, Anushka Sharma, Sanjay Dutt, Sushant Singh Rajput, Bomani Irani, Saurabh Sukhla and Others.

Directed by : RajKumar Hirani.

Language : Hindi.

Genre : Comedy Drama.

Release date : 19th December 2014.

Rating : 4/5

Music : Ajay Atul,Shantanu Moitra and Ankit Tiwari.

Bottom Line :  A Must watch movie

Ever since the first look of PK is out , there are a lot of questions doing rounds among film goers across the globe. What is this film all about? Why aamir khan is looking so weird? And How this film will do at Box office? To answer all these questions, PK hits the screens today amid huge expectations. Allow us to give more details about this film.

PK opens with an alien AKA PK ( Aamir khan ) lands on earth ( Rajasthan, india) from an unknown planet. As soon as he lands in Rajasthan. A man steals his remote tracking device which is the only way to go back to his home planet. Meanwhile, A girl named Jagath janani AKA Jaggu ( Anushka Sharma ) gets ditched by a pakistani, Sarfroz ( Sushant Singh rajput ) in Belgium. After a few months, Jaggu works as a journalist in india. She comes across PK in delhi, who is doling out Missing God pamphlets.Jaggu is so curious about PK and finds out his real identity? How Jaggu finds out the real identity of PK? Why Pk is looking for God? How PK go back to his home planet? We don’t want to kill the suspense by divulging all the answers. You have to see the movie to know all of them.

After the grand success of ‘3 Idiots’, Raj kumar Hirani is once again teamed up with actor Aamir khan for PK. Hirani has also penned script for the film in collaboration with Abhijat Joshi. which points out that who is God? Who are Godmen and Challenging the rituals that are ruling humans.He dealt this sensitive subject swiftly. What I liked the most about this film is screenplay. There are no dull moments, the viewers guffawed like anything. Editing by Hirani is extremely fine. Trio musicians Ajay Atul,Shantanu Moitra and Ankit Tiwari have composed decent tunes.Cinematography is top notch. Prodution values are too good.

Protagonist Aamir khan has done a phenomenal job as an alien. His comic timing is a treat to watch. No can do justice to this role except aamir khan. Anushka sharma has too got a quintessential role and proved her mettle. Saurabh Shukhla nailed it as God man. Sushant Singh Rajput’s cameo appearance is good. Sanjay Dutt did a fabulous job. Supporting cast have done a fair Job.In the end Ranbir kapoor surprised the viewers.

You can experience a gamut of emotions while watching this movie. However, PK is a must watch movie. Go and watch this with your family and Friends.

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