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Cast : Vishal, Shruthi Hassan, Radhika, SathyaRaj, Sitara, Soori, Mukesh tiwary and Others.

Directed by : Hari.

Language : Telugu.

Genre : Action Drama.

Release date : 22nd October 2014.

Rating : 2.5/5.

Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja.

Bottom Line : Routine Mass movie.

Plot : Sreenivasu ( Vishal ) is a money lender. He falls in love with a damsel, Divya ( Shruthi Hassan ). A dreadful goon called Singanappa ( Mukesh tiwary ) does crimes in the name of Annam finance company. Vasu goes against Singanappa by saving DSP ( Sathya Raj ). Vasu come to know that dreadful goon become a threat to his estranged family. Why Vasu gets ostracized by his family? Will he save his family from Singanappa? Are main parts of the story.

Director Hari, who is well known for typical action entertainers made this film by teaming up with Vishal film factory. The story is quite routine and predictable. Screenplay is almost hackeneyed. First half is filled up with a good comedy and bouncy fights and the latter half is with melodrama. Editing could have been better in the second half. Cinematographer is okay. Back ground score by Yuvan is nice. Production values are good.

Vishal has already proved his mettle in action entertainers even this time h  did a great job in the lead role. Shruthi hassan’s role is limited and she did a good job. Yesteryear actress Radhika’s performance is superb. Sathya raj has done a fair job in a limited role.Mukesh Tiwary’s role is quite weak. Rest of the cast have supported well.

However, Pooja is a routine mass masala flick. One time watchable.

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