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Prabhas as Adventurous Explorer

It is safe to say that the Young Rebel star Prabhas is the greek god of Tollywood. With his towering height, well built physique and good rugged features he fits the bill of a macho hero perfectly. He won the hearts of the masses as ‘Chatrapathi’ became the darling of the audience as ‘Darling’ and became the heartthrob of girls as ‘Mr. Perfect’ and Mirchi’.

Whenever he does a film that suits his personality it has a high impact. With this in mind it is reportedly heard that a big production house has approached Prabhas to do a remake of a Hollywood film. It is reportedly heard that they are looking to remake an edition of Hollywood film ‘Indiana Jones’ starring Harrison Ford.

According to the reports the success of ‘Sahasam’ has reportedly motivated many big filmmakers in TFI to make films on the lines of it. And when a macho hero like Prabhas takes up the role of an adventurous explorer then then it is sure to be a high voltage role.

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